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Kate Beckinsale’s Riding Around In A What??

So we’ve never actually spotted Kate Beckinsale in any luxurious rides before so we don’t have anything to compare this to but Kate was seen getting into a Pontiac Grand AM recently and we had to do a double take. We know she’s not actually driving it so it’s most likely not hers but still — Beverly Hills in a Grand AM doesn’t happen everyday. To top it all off, it’s not even in good condition. Maybe it’s nice to know not all rich and famous celebrities are running around in Range Rovers and Lambo’s all the time?

Kate Beckinsale Pontiac Kate Beckisale out in West Hollywood, CA


Justin Timberlake Cruises In His Classic Pontiac GTO

We’ve always known Justin Timberlake loves his Audi’s but just recently Timberlake was spotted cruising in this classic 1960’s Pontiac GTO. We love Audi’s too but we have to say this GTO definitely fits Timberlake’s style. What do you think of his classic ride?

Justin Timberlake Pontiac

Source: Daily Mail

Pauly Sr.’s “Hurst Edition” Pontiac Trans Am

You need to have a lot of extra cash laying around or a slightly odd fascination with Trans Am’s to buy this one.

Paul Teutul A.K.A Pauly Sr. from American Choppers is selling this one of a kind “Hurst Edition” Trans Am. The car was built by Trans Am Depot and featured on American Choppers and the cover of Performance Pontiac Magazine. We’ll probably pass but if you have $125,000 laying around somewhere and would like a Trans Am for your garage it’s all yours. Take a look at the full eBay listing and more photos here.

Pauly Sr. Hurst Edition Pontiac Trans Am

Pauly Sr. Trans Am Hurst Edition

Pauly Sr. Trans Am Hurst Edition

Snoop Dogg’s Pontiac Impounded (aka Lakers Car)

Snoop Dogg was out partying with his crew last and after taking off from the club they were quickly pulled over.  Apparently whom even hopped in the driver’s seat had a suspended license and no one else was eligible to drive the car because they’d had too much to drink so the car was impounded.

So about the car, it’s a 1967 Pontiac Parisienne done up Lakers style from head to toe.

Snoop Dogg's Pontiac

Snoop Dogg's Laker Car

Snoop with his Laker's Car that's a 1967 Pontiac

50 Cent Loves his Pontiac G8

50 Cent's Pontiac G8
Scope 50 Cent on a DUB photo-shoot with his 50 Cent special edition Pontiac G8. 50 Cent has been on quite the promotion tour with this ride at every major auto show such as SEMA and the New York International Auto Show as well as putting it on the cover of his latest album. It’s a hot car so we don’t plan on telling 50 cent different. Anyways, check out the behind the scenes shoot with 50 Cent and his hot Pontiac G8.