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Sean Kingston Riding Around In A Polaris Slingshot!?

We will start off by saying we are not a huge fan of the Polaris Slingshot. They are big and heavy and look like they are trying just a little too hard. That being said, they get A LOT of attention and provide serious cheap thrills. Especially if you decide to rent one, which is exactly what Sean Kingston did! Its weird to see a celebrity show off a ride on social media and promote the fact they are just renting it as well. Though having fun whipping around LA in a goofy 3-wheeled car without having to own it could just be the best way to have your cake and eat it too!

Sean Kingston Polaris Slingshot

Sean Kingston Slingshot

Source (@seankingston & @laslingshots)

Lewis Goes Ham on Dunes

After damaging his beloved Pagani Zonda in Monaco, Lewis Hamilton has taken the safer option of going off road where there are no parked cars around.

The recently crowned 2015 F1 champion blew off some steam recently by hitting the desert in a Polaris dune buggy.
Lewis Hamilton | Polaris

Photo (lewishamilton)