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Petra Ecclestone’s Brabus G63

It doesn’t matter what side of the pond she’s on, Petra Ecclestone is always driving in style. Whether she’s driving her bubblegum pink Rolls Royce Ghost through Beverly Hills or her older Rover in the streets of London, Petra has her choice of just about any car she can imagine. Her latest car, a Mercedes-Benz Brabus G63 with her standard personalized “P3TRA” plate was spotted on the streets of London recently and it’s mean. What do you think of her Brabus G63?

Petra Ecclestone G Wagon

Source (Autogespot)

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It’s About Time: Petra Ecclestone Picks Up The New Range Rover

Being that Petra Ecclestone is such a big fan of Range Rover’s I figured it was only a matter of time before we’d catch her with the all new Rover. Thanks to one of our readers here on CCB, who sent us these photos, we now have the final product of Petra’s new customized Rover — because it wouldn’t be Petra’s if it wasn’t customized in some way.

Petra took it to the guys over at Platinum Motorsport for the upgrades and I have to say, this is one of the first new Rovers I’m actually a fan of. If you look closely you can see that the “Range Rover” badges have been changed to “STUNT” (her husbands last name is Stunt) and I’m sure the plates will have her signature “PSTUNT” as well.

What do you think of Petra’s new Rover? At least she didn’t go bubblegum pink like she did with her Rolls Royce.

Petra Ecclestone Range Rover

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More Photos Of Petra Ecclestone’s Pink Rolls Royce

As if we hadn’t had enough bubblegum pink this week from Katie Price’s Range Rover, here’s some more photos of Petra Ecclestone’s pink Rolls Royce Ghost. Who wins the award for most obnoxious pink ride? Petra’s Ghost, Katie Price’s Rover, Paris’ Bentley, or Nicki Minaj’s Bentley?

Petra Ecclestone Rolls Royce Ghost

Petra Ecclestone Rolls Royce

Photos: Autogepost

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How Many Range Rover’s Can One Person Have??

Petra Ecclestone has more Range Rover’s than any other celebrity out there and for some reason they’re all the same color. We’ve seen Petra now in at least three Rover’s and they’ve all been white with slight differences in customization. One, is her Rover in Europe with “PETRA” plates, the other is her “Petra” Rover with the black stripe in Los Angeles, and this time we spotted her in a white Rover in Beverly Hills with the license plate “MRSSTUNT”.

I guess when you have a garage larger than most peoples homes you have to fill it somehow…

Petra Ecclestone Range Rover


Petra Ecclestone: Pink Is My Color So This Is How I Roll

You thought it was bad enough with Paris Hilton’s pink Bentley, Danielle Mason’s pink Audi and Katie Price’s pink Range Rover? Think again. Petra Ecclestone went shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday with a pink Rolls Royce Ghost. Yep…a PINK Rolls Royce. You know you have too much money when you do this to a Rolls Royce….don’t you think?

Petra Ecclestone Rolls Royce

Photo Source: TMZ