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What’s Pete Wentz Driving

Pete Wentz shared this photo on Instagram over the weekend. Can you guess what he’s driving?

Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz: Pulled Over In His Rover

It’s OK Pete, don’t cry…

Pete Wentz was recently pulled over in his black Range Rover because his tint was too dark. We’d be upset too if we got pulled over for dark tint. Wouldn’t you?

Pete Wentz Range Rover

Pete And Ashley Make Up In Their Range Rover

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson were spotted out in their Range Rover with their son Bronx recently. Are they reconciling? Are they not? It’s sure hard to keep up with celebrity couples these days.

Ashlee Simpson Pete Wentz Range Rover












Source: X17 Online


Pete Wentz With His Murdered Out Rover

Pete Wentz cracks a smile as he walks away from his murdered out Range Rover. It’s really too bad that he and Ashlee aren’t together anymore but it looks like Pete is hanging on to the Rover for now. Wonder what Ashlee’s driving?

Pete Wentz Range Rover

Pete Wentz Fills It Up

Pete Wentz plays it cool while filling up his Range Rover in Los Angeles.

Pete Wentz Range Rover