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Spotted While Driving: Patrick Dempsey

Check out this photo someone snapped of Patrick Dempsey in his Mercedes-Benz SLS while driving on the PCH in Los Angeles recently. Apparently #hewaivedback too.

Patrick Dempsey Mercedes Benz

Patrick Dempsey Gets His Hands On The Porsche 918

Jay Leno wasn’t the only celebrity to get behind the wheel of the Porsche 918 Sypder at Pebble Beach this weekend. Patrick Dempsey also took the new Porsche hypercar for a spin and from the looks of this photo I’m guessing he wants one for his own garage too. Dempsey loves his GT3RS so it’s no surprise he was one of the first in line to test the latest and greatest from Porsche. The race is on! Who do you think we’ll see with one first?

Patrick Dempsey Porsche 918 Spyder

Patrick Dempsey Runs Around In His SLS

The camera’s caught Patrick Dempsey posing in his Mercedes-Benz SLS earlier this week. The silver with red interior is one of our favorite combos. What’s your favorite SLS color combo?

Patrick Dempsey Mercedes SLS

patrick dempsey mercedes SLS

Patrick Dempsey’s Garage Just Keeps Getting Better And Better

Patrick Dempsey loves his cars. Between his Mercedes SLS and Porsche GT3RS it’s really no surprise that he’d opt for a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon when it comes to his SUV. Dempsey was spotted getting into his silver G-Wagon in Malibu earlier this week.

Patrick Dempsey Mercedes Benz G Wagon


Patrick Dempsey Shows Off His McDreamy Mercedes SLS

Our first thought was that this unnamed celebrity’s SLS AMG for sale on eBay belonged to McDreamy but looks like that definitely is not the case since we recently spotted Patrick Dempsey walking back to his Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in Santa Monica. We just wish we could see his whole collection because we know he’s got more where this one came from.

Patrick Dempsey Mercedes Benz SLS AMG