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Paris Hilton In A Cop Car?

At first we thought she did something bad again, but apparently she just took  the term “police escort” too much by riding shotgun in a cop car! Paris and new BFF Brooke Mueller dined together and when they came out of the restaurant, a swarm of paparazzi scared the heiress (as if she’s not used to it already!).

Paris Hilton- Cop CarSource: X17online

Paris Hilton Laying Low in Her Escalade Hyrbid

We’re glad to see that Paris has put the Pink Bentley down for a bit and is stretching the legs of her Cadillac Escalade Hybrid.

Speaking of the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid I got the chance to drive it last week at the North American International Auto Show and man was I impressed. Having tested a few of the various hybrid SUV’s I must say that if you’re in the market for a Hybrid SUV I personally think the Escalade Hybrid is the best bang for the buck. If it’s good enough for Paris…

Paris Hilton In Her Cadillac Escalade

Paris Hilton Still Hasn’t Dumped The Pink Bentley Continental

We’d thought that Paris might have ride herself of the Pink Bentley Continental but I guess we were wrong.  By the looks of it she’s still piloting this thing all around Beverly Hills and Malibu.

I don’t know about you but I think she should auction the car off.  Surely there would be some odd-ball person that would buy this thing.

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Paris Hilton’s Bike

Paris Hilton went to the launching of the new racing bike she’s promoting: Supermatxe Paris Hilton Racing Team motorcycle. What’s next, a Paris Hilton moon buggy?

Paris Hilton’s New Rolls Royce Ghost

Paris Hilton FINALLY ditched her pink Bentley (or so we think) for a new Rolls Royce Ghost. The actress even tweeted “The Rolls Royce Ghost drives better then any car I’ve ever driven. So smooth and such a sexy car. Loves it! :)”. Thank God for no more pink Bentleys!

Paris hilton Rolls Royce Ghost

Source: X17 Online

Paris Hilton Rolls Royce Ghost

Source: X17 Online