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The Perks Of Being Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend…

This is one lucky kid. Paris Hilton let her twenty-one year old boyfriend, River Viiperi get behind the wheel of her Lexus LFA as they left a salon in Beverly Hills recently. Guess he should take advantage of it while he can since she doesn’t usually keep her boyfriends around very long!

Paris Hilton Lexus

Paris Hilton Lexus LFA

Paris Hilton’s LFA Breaks Down In Beverly Hills

Paris Hilton played it cool and did what she does best (sign autographs and smile for the camera) when her Lexus LFA broke down in Beverly Hills yesterday. Luckily AAA came to Paris’ rescue and she was on her way.

Paris Hilton LFA

Paris Hilton Lexus LFA

Paris Hilton Takes Her Lexus To Lunch

Paris Hilton parked her white Lexus LFA on the street while she stopped for lunch the other day. What car of Paris’ would you rather have — the Lexus or the Ferrari?

Paris Hilton Lexus LFA

Paris Hilton Lexus LFA

Nicky Hilton Steps Out In Paris’ Ferrari

Nicky Hilton hitched a ride in Paris’ Ferrari California recently. Nicky was spotted stepping out of the passenger seat when they arrived at the Greystone Manor Supperclub.

Could you see Nicky with a Ferrari or is it just too flashy for her?

Paris Hilton Nicky Hilton Ferrari

Paris Introduces Her Ferrari To Beverly Hills

Looks like Paris Hilton isn’t going to keep this car in hiding like she did with her LFA. Paris and her sister Nicky were spotted leaving Barney’s in Beverly Hills with Paris’ new red Ferrari California.

Paris Hilton Ferrari California











Paris Hilton Ferrari California