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Paris Hilton Cruises Around In A Ferrari F430

Paris Hilton shared a photo of herself in a friends Ferrari F430 Spider recently while vacationing in Ibiza. Fortunately, (or unfortunately for Paris) the paparazzi also caught some photos of her driving the Ferrari around town and from the looks of it, the front bumper needs some serious TLC. Question is, was it there before she borrowed the car or not? Pretty embarrassing either way…

Paris Hilton Ferrari

Paris Hilton Ferrari F430

Photo: Autoblog.nl

Shout out to MLR for the tip!

Paris Hilton’s Back In Her Blue Bentley

She’s back and she’s showing it all off!

The cameras caught Paris (and her backside) unloading her Bentley Continental at a house in Malibu recently.
Paris Hilton Bentley
Paris Hilton Bentley Continental

Source: Daily Mail

Paris Hilton Does Her Own Grocery Shopping?

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend were spotted loading up the back of a black Chevy Suburban with groceries recently.

Paris Hilton Chevy Suburban

Paris Hilton Steps Out In Her Ferrari

Paris Hilton was spotted driving around Beverly Hills in her red Ferrari California earlier this week. It seems like it’s about time Paris picks up a new ride. Then again, with her crazy monthly LFA payment, maybe she’s scaling back…

Paris Hilton Ferrari Paris Hilton Ferrari California

Paris Hilton’s LFA Loan, $5603 per month

I was under the impression that Paris Hilton’s LFA was a gift but apparently I ‘m wrong after a quick review of Paris Hilton‘s recently leaked credit report.  If you dive into her credit report you will see a $5603 monthly payment to Toyota Motor Co with an open balance just north of $214K.  So the good story here is that I think she has some positive equity in the car despite the fact that she just had her credit report, SSN, and everything else shared with the entire web.  If you want to know more, google is a thing 😉

paris hilton lfa loan