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Orlando Bloom: Audi Poster Child

If only we could all have a garage full of Audi’s like Orlando Bloom. Orlando spent the weekend running errands in his new Audi A7 and was also spotted taking his son on a hike in his Audi Q7.

Orlando Bloom Audi

Orlando Bloom Audi A7

Orlando Bloom Audi Q7

Orlando Gets A Classic Porsche For His Daily Driver

Orlando Bloom left the gym recently in what looks like a Porsche 912…in a “No Parking” spot of course.

Orlando Bloom Porsche 912

Orlando Bloom Leaves The Gym In His Audi

Orlando Bloom was spotted looking a little under the weather as he left a workout in his Audi A8. Cheer up Orlando, you’re driving an A8 and you’re married to Miranda Kerr! We’d be smiling.

Orlando Bloom Audi A8



Orlando Bloom On The Back Of His Ducati

Even though Orlando Bloom’s schedule is busy he always seems to find some extra time to take a ride on his Ducati.

Spotted: Orlando Bloom With A Porsche

Orlando Bloom chatted with a friend driving a bright yellow Porsche 993 C2. Problem is, we can’t tell who Orlando’s friend is. Anyone recognize the mystery person in the Porsche?

Orlando Bloom