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Obafemi Martins lets his son stand on his Lamborghini

We’re (almost) used to seeing rappers and other celebrities standing on top of their exotic cars but this is a first. Instead of Seattle Sounders forward, Obafemi Martins standing on his own supercar, he let his son walk all over the windshield of his Lamborghini Aventador instead. #SMH.

Obafemi Martins Lamborghini Aventador

Obafemi Akinwunmi Martins McLaren SLR

Here’s some more proof that for whatever reason, soccer players really do know how to pick their rides.

Nigerian soccer player Obafemi Akinwunmi Martins (we’ll just go ahead and call him Martins ;)) recently showed the cameras some love next to his Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR outside the Mayfair Hotel.

We’re not so sure about the wheels but the car is hot. What do you think?

Obafemi Akinwunmi Martins Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR

Obafemi Akinwunmi Martins Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR