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Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild Load Up Their Mercedes SL

Nicky Hilton and her husband James Rothschild were spotted loading up their older Mercedes Benz SL outside their home in New York city earlier this week.

Photo (Zimbio)

Did Nicky Hilton Get A New Ride??

At first glance we were thinking Nicky Hilton finally took the plunge and bought herself a new ride but unfortunately we’re thinking this is Brandon Davis’ Mercedes CL63 and Nicky’s just playing chauffer. Either way, it’s a nice change from her black Rover!

Nicky Hilton Mercedes Benz CL63

Nicky Hilton Mercedes CL63

Nicky Hilton Mercedes CL

Nicky Hilton Rocks Out In Her Rover

Nicky Hilton looked very rock n’ roll as she walked back to her Range Rover in Beverly Hills earlier this week. When Nicky Hilton decides to get another car someday, what do you think she’ll get?

Nicky Hilton Range Rover

Nicky Hilton Steps Out In Paris’ Ferrari

Nicky Hilton hitched a ride in Paris’ Ferrari California recently. Nicky was spotted stepping out of the passenger seat when they arrived at the Greystone Manor Supperclub.

Could you see Nicky with a Ferrari or is it just too flashy for her?

Paris Hilton Nicky Hilton Ferrari

Paris Introduces Her Ferrari To Beverly Hills

Looks like Paris Hilton isn’t going to keep this car in hiding like she did with her LFA. Paris and her sister Nicky were spotted leaving Barney’s in Beverly Hills with Paris’ new red Ferrari California.

Paris Hilton Ferrari California











Paris Hilton Ferrari California