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Nicki Minaj Poses on the Roof of Her Maybach

Nicki Minaj shared a photo of herself sitting on the roof of her blacked out Maybach in front of a private jet.

At least she’s not exactly standing on it right??

Nicki Minaj Maybach

Photo (@nickiminaj)


Mercedes-Benz Wants To Be Nicki Minaj’s Favorite

It’s no secret Nicki Minaj loves the color pink – her bright pink Lamborghini Aventador with matching rims makes Paris Hilton’s infamous Bentley actually seem dull.

Nicki Minaj is so influential, Mercedes-Benz USA took to their Instagram and posted a picture of a pink SLS AMG with the caption “@NICKIMINAJ We just wanna be your favorite #Pinkprint”

The rapper took a screen shot and posted on her own feed, replying: “You always have been. Let’s go.”

Nicki Minaj | Mercedes SLS AMG

Photos (nickiminaj)


Spotted: Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill in a Maybach

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj were spotted leaving a store in Beverly Hills and getting into their matte black Maybach. Meek Mill recently picked up a new Mercedes-Maybach S600 so we’re guessing this is Nicki’s Maybach we’ve seen her with before and she had a matte black wrap added. Either way, this couple has some serious rides between their collections!

Photos (Zimbio)

Nicki Minaj’s Bright Pink Lamborghini Aventador

Nicki Minaj is giving her “Barbs” a little piece of her own life via her new fashion line — The Nicki Minaj Collection for Kmart. She wanted to give her “Barbs” something that they could easily afford so with that being said, she showed up to a Los Angeles Kmart for the big debut in a bright pink Lamborghini Aventador Roadster on matching pink Forgiato wheels. Now all the “Barbs” are going to be riding around in bubblegum pink cars…that’s just great.

Nicki Minaj Lamborghini

Nicki Minaj Lamborghini Aventador

(Photos: Instagram @nickiminaj)

Thanks to Bernie for the tip!

Birdman Drives Nicki Minaj To The Club In His Bugatti

Nicki Minaj goes from twerking on top of her Maybach the other day, to rolling to the club with Birdman in his Bugatti. Minaj posted the photo of the two of them in front of Birdman’s Bugatti to Instagram with the caption, “We pulled up in that new Bugatti! @birdman5star actually drove me to da club!!” 

Birdman Bugatti

Oh, and for all the readers that have been sending in tips that Birdman’s Bugatti is for sale at The Collection in Ft Lauderdale, it’s not 😉