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Nick Jonas Rocking the Thunderbird

There must be something in the water in young Hollywood these days because not a few days after we posted about Kendall Jenner in her old school Cadillac do I see Nick Jonas riding around in an Old School Thunderbird. Although, this isn’t much of a surprise as Nick is known to have a love for classic cars, such as his Mustang. I’m not a huge fan of classics and especially the Thunderbird, however I give credit where it’s due and I know that an old T-Bird is something special so with that said, good work Nick! I’m excited to keep an eye on what he decides to get next.

Nick Jonas T-Bird

Source: Zimbio

Nick Jonas Runs Around In His Camaro

Between Nick Jonas‘ classic Mustang, new Challenger and now this Camaro I guess it proves he loves his muscle cars (old and new). Nick was spotted running errands with the top down in his Chevy Camaro earlier this week.

Nick Jonas Chevy Camaro

Nick Jonas Takes His Ride Old School

Nick Jonas was recently spotted getting out of his classic Ford Mustang Cobra. Nick might be young but he definitely likes his classic cars. Nothing against muscle cars but we’re not quite as impressed with his lineup as we are with his brothers. Pretty tough to beat the R8 Spyder.

Nick Jonas Ford Mustang









Source: X17 Online

Nick Jonas Fills Up His Challenger

A very sleepy looking Nick Jonas was spotted filling up his Dodge Challenger at a Los Angeles gas station recently. Are the Jonas brothers even together still? Who knows and who really cares. At least Nick has good taste in cars.

Nick Jonas Dodge Challenger