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Ciara Jumping Into Her Jeep

Ciara’s owned her bad ass murdered out Jeep Wrangler for quite a while now but we’re OK with it because we think it’s hot! It’s just refreshing to see a celebrity in something different than a Range Rover every once in a while. We certainly wouldn’t mess with her. Would you?

Ciara Jeep Wrangler

David Beckham’s Turbo Is Back On eBay!

Grab your checkbooks ladies and gentlemen! The “2008 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet previously by a very famous English international soccer star” has been listed on eBay again…hmm, wonder who that could be?!

David Beckham Porsche 911 Turbo

David Beckham’s Porsche is located at Chequered Flag in Los Angeles however, unlike the first listing, all bidders must be pre approved before placing a bid on the car. Wonder how much the winning bid will be this time!

Selma Blair And Jason Bleick In A G-Wagon

Mommy-to-be Selma Blair and her fashion designer boyfriend Jason Bleick flashed some smiles for the cameras as they jumped into Jason’s murdered out Mercedes G-Wagon.

Selma Blair Jason Bleick Mercedes G Wagon We like your style in cars and clothes Jason. Keep it up!

Mel B Hoping In A Sick Escalade

Most of my readers know I’m a sucker for completely blacked out cars and a murdered-out Escalade is really the way to do it. The only better is a murdered-out G-Wagon from Platinum Motorsport but enough of that.

Here we see Mel B hoping into an Escalade after a nice gym work-out.

Mel B in a murdered out Escalade

Mel B getting in a Escalade Continue Reading

Lapo Elkann’s Flat Black Maserati Gran Turismo

Hot off the reader tips we’ve got a picture of Lapo Elkann’s flat-black Maserati Grant Turismo.  Not bad for grandson of one time Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli and a stepson of Russian count Serge de Pahlen.

We really have no idea who he is but man we like his style! For the time being we’ll call him the Ray Lyle of something or somewhere!