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What Are Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek Up To Now

You never know what to expect when you see a picture like this from Rob Dyrdek but when Ken Block is in the photo to boot I’m nothing but ecstatic.   At this point I don’t know what the deal is with Rob’s ride, looks like they modded out a coin ride!  I’m sure we’ll learn more in an upcoming episode of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek

What Are Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek Up To Now



Audrina Patridge Gets a New Mercedes G Wagon

When you’re a celebrity looking to be seen hide out from the paparazzi in LA there is no better way than a new white Mercedes G Wagon.

Check out Audrina Patridge in her brand new Mercedes G Wagon.
Audrina Patridge Mercedes G Wagon

Spencer Pratt’s Camaro SS Wedding Gift From Heidi

Alright guys… this one may piss you off but you’re not alone. Apparently Heidi Montag (dimbo from the Hills) has given her fiance/soon to be husband (Spencer D-bag Pratt) a early wedding gift of a Camaro SS. And like always they went to the must public place possible to shot photos and spread them to the media.

Spencer Pratt Camaro SS Wedding Gift From Heidi

And of course we wouldn’t leave you hanging with out some video of Spencer Pratt toolin’ around in his Camaro SS along with Heidi crawling all over the hood.

Kelly Osborne Whips a Mercedes C-Class

Imagine that you are the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne and your running around Los Angeles in the same car that 16 year-olds in Pasadena are driving. Well, true story for Kelly Osbourne that so many of us faithful MTV goers got to know about 5 or six years back. At that time I don’t remember what exactly she was driving while picking up Ozzie but I’ve got to believe it was a little more classy than this standard Mercedes Benz C-Class. But who knows, maybe she stole the maid’s car!

Kelly Osborne Mercedes C-Class

UPDATE: Rob Dyrdek’s Matte White Tahoe is All New – Platinum Motorsports Style

Only a few days agoI was shooting my mouth off that Rob Dyrdek had transformed his old flat black, aka Murdered Out Tahoeinto a Matte White Storm Trooper when he was spotted running around Irwindale Speedway at the Grand Finale of Formula D but boy was I wrong.

Anyways, Rob’s latest whip, this matte white Chevy Tahoe with matte black wheels was actually prepped for Rob by the guys (George and Jack) at Platinum Motorsport on Melrose.

Rob Dyrdek and his Matte White Chevy Tahoe

Rob Dyrdek's Matte White Chevy Tahoe's Frontal View

Rob Dyrdek's Matte White Chevy Tahoe's Side View

Rob, the new whip is sick, may the force be with you!

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Rob Dyrdek Cars are very distinct. While he used to do matte black murdered out cars, he now seems to be more into having his cars all white. Rob Dyrdek cars also seem to be extremely unique. From their matte paint jobs to having racing stripes with his companies logos, Rob Dyrdek cars have their own unique flair.

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Rob Dyrdek Cars Matte Black Murdered Out Chevy Tahoe

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Rob Dyrdek Cars White Custom Porsche Panamera Turbo Ghost

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