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Is Lo Bosworth Driving A Porsche?

Former MTV reality star Lo Bosworth was spotted valeting what looks like a Porsche Cayenne. Can anyone tell for sure?

Lo Bosworth Porsche Cayenne


















Thanks to Matt for the tip!

Teen Mom Star Rolling Big In A Limo

MTV’s Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was spotted being chauffeured away in a white limousine. I don’t think those are snow boots though!

Amber Portwood Limo

Tis The Season: Top Gear and Christmas

Maybe it’s just me but I’ve got two things on my mind as we see our first snowfall here in Seattle, Top Gear and Christmas.

So let’s start with Top Gear, I know some of you have your doubt about it’s success and topping or even relating to the BBC Top Gear but in reality all I’m hoping for is something remarkable, something worth watching, and perhaps a best car show to watch on a regular basis.  After-all what else do we have, MTV Pimp My Ride of Cribs?  We really have nothing so I’m hoping for something halfway decent!

So that brings us to Christmas.  I’ve got no idea if celebrities buy cars for their loved ones on Christmas but what the hell, if you had all the money in the world, what would you buy and for who?

Top Gear and Christmas

And don’t forget, Top Gear starts tonight on the History channel! 10PM PST for you on the West-Coast!

Talk about Young and Reckless – @Dramabeats and his Mercedes CL

When did Drama (aka Chris Pfaff) get a Mercedes CL? And is it me or is he wearing girl sunglasses?

We’re hoping our readers can point us in the direction of more photos of Drama in this Mercedes CL.
Drama in his Mercedes CL

BTW – Does Drama even deserve his own category on the site?

Another Situation

It looks like the Situation can’t keep himself out of the inevitable situation. If you’ve been watching this show recently you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyways too bad for the rental car that he smoked…

I can only imagine how he didn’t notice it when backing up after all the Situation only things the rear-view mirror is used to look at your self.
Situation Rental Car