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Bieber Hanging Out in ATL Reminded me of Dallas Austin’s Line-Up From

I really miss MTV Cribs, especially the vehicles. I was reading some news and read that Justin Bieber is taking it easy for a few months in an Atlanta suburb and is staying in a house that looks like a space ship which I new I had seen on Cribs back in the day. I did some digging and was able to find the MTV Cribs episode featuring Dallas Austin, a long time music producer. For the time, he had a great vehicle line up featuring a Ferrari 360 Spider and a few other toys. See the video after the jump.


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Jersey Shore Cast Shows Of Their Rides

The next season of Jersey Shore (and most likely the last) recently started filming at the shore house. The cast was spotted pulling up to the house in separate cars – Vinny Guadagnino pulled up in a Mercedes-Benz E550, DJ Pauly D showed up in a white Cadillac Escalade with some hideous white wheels, Snooki showed up in her customized Cadillac Escalade EXT while stumbling around like normal (even without alcohol), Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino showed up in his white Jeep Wrangler and Deena Nicole kept things real (real boring) by showing up in a Mazda 3.  While these guys are making plenty of money we wouldn’t be surprised if they rack up some debt with the best credit card they have.

Who’s ride would you rock?

Vinny Guadagnino Mercedes Benz E550

DJ Pauly D Cadillac Escalade

Snooki Cadillac Escalade

Mike The Situation Sorrentino Jeep Wrangler

Deena Nicole Cortese Mazda 3

Rob Dyrdek Gives His 69 Camaro A Facelift

Rob Dyrdek recently tweeted this photo of his 1969 Camaro sporting a whole new look. The Camaro was originally customized with Rob’s signature matte black paint and Rogue Status graphics but now it looks like the graphics and matte black are both a thing of the past.

Do you like Rob’s Camaro this way or the old way?

Rob Dyrdek Camaro

Old look:
Rob Dyrdek Camaro with Rogue Status

Photos: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Buys Ferrari

As if the thought of “The Situation” test driving a Ferrari wasn’t enough to make you upset, how about the fact that he actually dropped the cash and is now the proud owner of a bright red F430 Spider. According to multiple sources Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino did actually drop the cash on a new Ferrari and was running around Miami in it with a friend (aka another Guido) over the weekend.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Ferrari F430 Spider

So even though you might see him as “D” listed or to some even “Z” listed, it’s no secret he’s making some dough. Just in the last year it’s said he’s made nearly $5 million and we’re guessing if you made that much in a year you might buy something like this too.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Ferrari F430 Spider

Rob Dyrdek Gifts Justin Bieber His T-Rex

Fantasy Factory and Rob Dyrdek never seemed to surprise me.  Who would have guessed that Rob Dyrdek would give away his T-Rex to Justin Bieber.

Rob Dyrdek's Car

The Car that Rob Dyrdek Gave Justin Beiber

For the record, Justin Bieber is not stranger to sick rides.  Here are few rides we’ve seen him rocking in the past.

Justin Bieber in Porsche

Justin Bieber's Ferrari

ALSO, Don’t Miss More Rob Dyrdek Cars Below!

Rob Dyrdek Cars are very distinct. While he used to do matte black murdered out cars, he now seems to be more into having his cars all white. Rob Dyrdek cars also seem to be extremely unique. From their matte paint jobs to having racing stripes with his companies logos, Rob Dyrdek cars have their own unique flair.

Rob Dyrdek Cars Custom Rogue Status Camaro Red Black

Rob Dyrdek Cars Drift Skateboard Car First Grind

Rob Dyrdek Cars Ken Block Rally Car Go Kart gymkhana practice

Rob Dyrdek Cars Matte Black Murdered Out Chevy Tahoe Big Black

Rob Dyrdek Cars Matte Black Murdered Out Chevy Tahoe

Rob Dyrdek Cars Matte White Chevy Tahoe New

Rob Dyrdek Cars T-rex Justin Bieber

Rob Dyrdek Cars Custom White Bentley

Rob Dyrdek Cars White Custom Porsche Panamera Turbo Ghost

Rob Dyrdek Cars White Custom Porsche Panamera Turbo Ghost