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Orlando Bloom’s New Ducati Bike

Looks like Orlando Bloom is expanding his bike collection with a new Ducati. Now if he could just get some proper riding attire!


Bad Day for Orlando Bloom

Sure we’ve seen Orlando Bloom in that Audi A8 a lot lately but it looks like he had one of his bikes out recently and wasn’t playing nicely with the paps.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom ripping the pap out of their vehicle

Orlando Bloom grabbing the camera

Orlando Bloom riding off

Orlando Bloom riding off

Paris Hilton’s Bike

Paris Hilton went to the launching of the new racing bike she’s promoting: Supermatxe Paris Hilton Racing Team motorcycle. What’s next, a Paris Hilton moon buggy?

George Clooney Does This Shirt Match The Bike?

George Clooney could learn a thing or two from his buddies Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt when it comes to looking good on a motorcycle!

Orlando Bloom: Norton Biker

Orlando Bloom took his Norton out on the street and stopped in at a local bike shop.  I guess when you want street cred you’ll go to bike shop if that’s only place you can get it!

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