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Usher Heads To Barney’s On His Motorcycle

Usher definitely loves his bikes. Last month he picked up a new Ducati to add to his collection and just this past week he was spotted leaving Barney's in Beverly Hills on a new custom-built bike.

Usher Motorcycle

Here's a couple photos from last month when Usher picked up his new Ducati in NYC.

Usher Ducati Bike Usher Ducati

Photo Source: theybf.com and Zimbio

Does Nicki Minaj Really Know How To Ride A Bike?

Nicki Minaj goes from riding in the backseat of a Maybach last weekend to riding on the back of a motorcycle. She posted a photo on Instagram of herself on a Kawasaki motorcycle while wearing what looks like rain boots.

Nicki Minaj Motorcycle

Bradley Cooper Looking Damn Confident Next To His Ducati 1199

When I think of movie star I usually think about what they drive but when I think of Bradley Cooper, nothing comes to mind.  In other words, he just doesn't seem like a car guy to me.  But the fact is, we've seen him in a Mercedes G55, a Prius, and now on a Ducati 1199 which is beginning to change my opinion of Bradley's "transportation" solutions, and I like that!

Bradley Cooper Ducati 1199

Bradley Cooper Ducati Motorcycle

Wyclef’s Ducati

I'll just leave this here...

Katee Sackhoff’s Customized Bike Is Badass

Katee Sackhoff, better know as Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from Battlestar Galactica has a badass bike. According to an article on Autoblog, Katee brought her Honda XL600R Enduro to the guys at Classified Moto and told them to do whatever they wanted with it and this is what she walked away with -- something Classified Moto calls the KT600. Who cares what it's called, this thing is sick!

Katee Sackhoff Motorcycle

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