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Friends with Benefits

Riding motorcycles is a blast but riding motorcycles with friends that have hot wives such as Cindy Crawford, well thats what I call a friend with benefits. Apparently this was some sort of double data outing between George Clooney and Rande Gerber who happens Cindy.

BTW- How sick is Clooney’s bike!
Friends with Benefits

Adrien Brody – Are You Serius Dude

I don’t know what else to say besides… Are you serious?  Are you really posted up on your Ducati like a complete douche while wearing a matching jacket?

Adrian Brody's Ducati

I’m sorry but you will never be as cool as Shai LaBeouf.
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Jesse James Rides A Mean Hog

I don’t even know what kinda of bike that is but I imagine it’s not stock and that it’s all black. What else would Jesse James ride?

Jesse James' Mean Hog

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Eric Dane Learns To Ride

Okay well he probably knows how to ride but as for this pic I can’t really tell you what he’s doing other than I want a Ducati Hypermotard like none other!

Eric Dane's Ducati Hypermotard

Rumor Alert: Brad Pitt Driving a New Camaro SS

X17 is reporting that only a couple days after Brad Pitt’s little motorcycle mishap he was seen rocking a new Camaro SS.

Brad Pitt Driving a New Camaro SS
I guess with a goatee like that you have to drive an American car.