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Mischa Barton Hopping Out Of Her BMW X6

Mischa Barton is certainly no stranger to nice rides. With her appearance on this season of Dancing With The Stars, she is back on the radar of the paparazzi! This time she was spotted hopping out of her black BMW X6 while heading into practice for the show!


Source (Zimbio)

Mischa Barton Ditches Her Caddy For A New Mercedes

Mischa Barton looked less than excited to see the paparazzi as she filled up her Mercedes-Benz C-Class in Los Angeles recently. This Mercedes is definitely an upgrade from that old Cadillac she had such bad luck with.

Mischa Barton Mercedes Benz

Mischa Barton Steps Out Of An Audi

Mischa Barton showed up to an airport in the back of an Audi recently but unfortunately no one seemed to be interested in the Audi as much as the glasses she was wearing. Nasty…

Mischa Barton Audi



Mischa Barton’s Cadillac is Nothing But Trouble

We know we’ve been blogging about Mischa Barton’s blue Cadillac often, but we can’t help skipping this story up. She took her baby to shop in Los Angeles AGAIN after that Mullholland drive mishap– and she didn’t even come out of the driver seat! She should think about getting a new ride if she wants to refrain from taking cabs!

Mischa Barton's Cadillac is Nothing But Trouble

Mischa Barton's Cadillac is Nothing But Trouble

Mischa Barton Reunited with Her Abandoned Cadillac

Looks like Mischa Barton did something about her abandoned blue Cadillac she left on Mulholland Drive because she’s using it again! We’re not sure if she did something about that crater on her bumper though. Here’s just one question: what is up with that weird angle of her face in the first photo, it looks like her head is going all the way around!

Mischa Barton reunites with her abandoned blue Cadillac.

Mischa Barton reunites with her abandoned blue Cadillac.