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Miranda Kerr Runs Around In A New Ride

Miranda Kerr has really been breaking away from her Audi love recently — first we spot her in a Prius and now a Jaguar. Miranda and her son were running around Los Angeles yesterday in a new Jaguar XJL. What do you like more — the XJ or her Audi A8?

Miranda Kerr Jaguar

Last Weeks Guess Who – Miranda Kerr

Last weeks “Guess Who” was Miranda Kerr getting out of her Audi Q7.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Audi Q7

Miranda Kerr Goes Green

We never thought we’d have to see Miranda Kerr with a Prius but unfortunately she was recently spotted getting out of one at the gym. Miranda usually channels her inner (and outer) hotness by driving around in Audi’s and Range Rovers so hopefully this Prius thing is just a short term.

Miranda Kerr Toyota Prius

Shout out to Andrew for the tip.

Miranda Kerr Takes The Audi Out For A Spin

With her husband Orlando no where in sight, Miranda Kerr and her son Flynn were spotted riding around town in their Audi A8.

Miranda Kerr Audi

Miranda Kerr Gets Her Sweat On In A Rover

Miranda Kerr left the gym recently and walked back to her black Range Rover. Do all celebrities have some sort of blindfold on when it comes to “no parking signs”? Hopefully she didn’t get a ticket…

Miranda Kerr Range Rover