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A Standard Rich Kids Photoshoot

EJ Johnson leads a pretty dificult life. I mean he just got back from a vacation and had to get straight to a photoshoot with fellow reality TV stars from the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

As for the G-Wagon, I think EJ still drives a white one so I don’t know who’s this on is.

EJ Johnsons weekend with the girls

Source: Instagram
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Scott Disick’s New Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Leave it to Scott Disick to be the first celebrity spotted with the new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. Disick was photographed getting into his new AMG GT outside his home in Los Angeles during a pickup/drop off with his baby mama/ex girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian recently.

scott disick AMG GT
scott disick AMG GT
Photos (Zimbio)

Shout out to The Beard Company for the tip

Ben Baller Shows Off His New Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe

Ben Baller never disappoints when it comes to his cars. His latest addition is this new Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe that he shared a photo of on Instagram. Even though the car looks sick enough already, we’re guessing it wont be long until he’s handing the keys to the guys at Platinum Motorsport for a full overhaul.

Ben Baller Mercedes Benz

Photo (@benballer)

A Pop Stars Weekend – Hunter Hayes

Country Music Pop Star Hunter Hayes recently spent the morning tearing up the track at Bonderant racing. When he’s not wooing 12 year old girls at sold out shows he’s ripping around Nashville, TN in his Mercedes CLA 45AMG!

Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes CLA45 AMG

Source: Instagram

Lucy Hale’s Driving Around in a G-Wagon

Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale was spotted running around in her Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon recently.

Photo (Zimbio)