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Lindsay Lohan – Not Recession Proof, Downgrades to SL550

Well here is two pieces of news. ONE, Lindsay Lohan hand is back behind the wheel. Being that I don’t really keep track of her I guess it’s been nearly two years since she curb-surfed her Mercedes SL65 in to that tree on Sunset. TWO, it looks like the recession is hittin Miss Lohan as she is only hopin’ out in a SL550. Come on, maids drive those things in LA!

For the record I wish I could drive a SL550 🙂

Celebrity Actress Lindsay Lohan Mercedes-Benz SL550 black

Megan Fox Rolls Around in Boy-Toy’s Mercedes G500

When you’re engaged to Megan Fox you definitely have some precious goods to keep safe so what better SUV than the Mercedes G-Wagon. My personal choice would have been a black G-Wagon but who ever said that Megan Fox plays by the rules? Last I heard she was into girls…

Megan Fox Mercedes G500

Kelly Osborne Whips a Mercedes C-Class

Imagine that you are the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne and your running around Los Angeles in the same car that 16 year-olds in Pasadena are driving. Well, true story for Kelly Osbourne that so many of us faithful MTV goers got to know about 5 or six years back. At that time I don’t remember what exactly she was driving while picking up Ozzie but I’ve got to believe it was a little more classy than this standard Mercedes Benz C-Class. But who knows, maybe she stole the maid’s car!

Kelly Osborne Mercedes C-Class

Wrestler Goes White: Batista’s Mercedes-Benz SL500

WWF’s Batista shows off his gleaming Mercedes-Benz SL500. If I slam my body 100 times a day and get hurt as often as the sun rises, I better have a car as sweet as this too.

Batista's Mercedes-Benz SL500

Ben Affleck Rolls Hard in a Mercedes S63

So what Ben Affleck has dropped out of the tabloids. He is busying playing daddy, and running around Los Angeles in his Mercedes S63.

Ben Affleck in a Mercedes S63

Ben Affleck's Mercedes S63