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Deadmau5: Moving On Up With a New McLaren P1

The Purrari is gone and the McLaren 650S is still in the garage, and now Deadmau5 is making more room for a brand new McLaren P1. We’re not sure if he’s actually keeping the 650S or not but either way, the P1 is on its way. Deadmau5 shared some screenshot photos of a P1 on his Instagram but it’s still not clear what his actual P1 will look like. We can tell you one thing though, it won’t be disappointing!

I wonder if he’ll pick people up for Uber in the new P1 like he did with his 650S

Deadmau5 McLaren P1

Photo (@deadmau5)

Shout out to Cory for the tip!

Deadmau5 Ubers It Up In Toronto

I don’t know what it is about Deadmau5 but he’s a damn good marketer.  Last time it was his parody of the Seinfeld Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, this time he decided to sign up as an Uber driver in his McLaren 650S and give rides in downtown Toronto.

While I know this was probably a stunt dreamed up by Uber, I still think it was great and hope to see Macklemore pull up the next time my Uber pulls up in Seattle!

deadmau5 driving uber

Deadmau5 Picks Up a McLaren 650S

Right after Deadmau5 returned from this years Gumball3000 with his Purrari, he listed it for sale on Craigslist. After only a year of owning his Ferrari 458 Italia we were wondering why he’d be so quick to sell but from the looks of this photo, Deadmau has had no problem moving on.

Pfaff Mclaren in Canada posted this photo to their Facebook page recently with the caption “Deadmau5 taking delivery of the new beast!! 650S. What will he name her??? Let’s wait and see!!”. We still have yet to see any photos from Deadmau5 himself but we’re sure it wont be long.

He certainly didn’t hold back when it came to customizing his Ferrari 458 — what do you think he’ll do to this McLaren?

Deadmau5 McLaren
Photo Source (facebook.com/pfaffmclaren)

Shout out to Jacob and Mike for the tips!

Chumlee Wrecks a Ferrari 458 in Miami

Chumlee posted a photo of a red Ferrari 458 Italia that he wrecked on Ocean Drive in Miami recently. Before posting the photo he also shared a photo and a video of a McLaren MP4-12C he rented with the caption, “I’m not always in Miami but when I am I wear my @rick_harrison socks and rent fast cars”. Maybe it should be more like, Chumlee isn’t always in Miami, but when he is, he wrecks fast cars…

At least the McLaren stayed in one piece.

Chumlee McLaren

Chumlee Ferrari

Source (@chumlee)

Paris Hilton Buys a New McLaren 650S Spider

It’s been a while since Paris Hilton added a new ride to her collection but this new addition definitely makes up for that. Paris was spotted cruising around Beverly Hills in her new black McLaren 650S Spider yesterday with heels, a dress, and her tiny dog — only in Beverly Hills. Hopefully she keeps this McLaren in one piece!

If you saw Paris Hilton driving around the streets in this McLaren what would you say to her?

Photos (Zimbio)

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