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Yo Gotti Sporting a McLaren MP4-12C For His Latest Music Video

Over the weekend I couldnt help but notice that Yo Gotti was sporting a new McLaren MP4-12C and appears to be using it in the filming of his next music video. In classic form, Yo Gotti's car is white just like his other cars that you can see here.

yo gotti mclaren mp4-12C

yo gotti filming music video

Source: Instagram

Calvin Harris’ McLaren MP4-12C

I'm not sure how we missed this one but a few months back, Calvin Harris and Rita Ora were spotted getting into Harris' McLaren MP4-12C. Who knew Calvin Harris had such good taste!

Calvin Harris Rita Ora McLaren

(Photo: GTSpirit.com)



Ludacris Adds a McLaren To His Collection

Ludacris' car collection is pretty diverse, and by diverse I mean he has everything from a brand-new Bentley GTC to a 1993 Acura Legend, but over this past weekend he stepped his game up even more with a McLaren MP4-12c.

Ludacris McLaren MP4 12C Ludacris McLaren

(Photos: Instagram)

David Beckham’s Rolling In a McLaren Now

Beckham's at it again and this time he's in a new McLaren MP4-12C Spider. Beckham was spotted cruising around Los Angeles in the new McLaren this past weekend. Definitely a nice addition to his collection don't you think?

David Beckham McLaren

(Photo: Daily Mail)

Shout out to William and Rebecca for the tip!

Swizz Beatz Picks Up A McLaren

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz just stepped their car game up big time! Swizz Beatz posted a photo of white McLaren MP4-12C Spider on Instagram last night with the caption "MILK!". I'm loving the MP4-12C in white.

Swizz Beatz McLaren

Shout out to STK for the tip!

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