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P. Diddy Models With A Maybach

P.Diddy knows how to travel in style. First, he was Instagraming himself with a blacked-out Maybach and now he’s posing with a silver Maybach. Maybe they’re his, maybe they’re rented — either way they’re badass and so is he!

P Diddy Maybach

Photo Source: iamdiddy Instagram

Nicki Minaj Rollin’ In A Maybach

Nicki Minaj always likes to make an entrance. Whether it’s in her bubblegum pink Bentley Continental or a bright red Lamborghini, you definitely can’t miss her. Just recently, Nicki posted this photo of herself standing next to a Maybach. I’m guessing this is how she rolls to the American Idol set.

Nicki Minaj Maybach

Shout out to Blake for the tip!

P. Diddy Means Business In His Blacked-Out Maybach

P.Diddy doesn’t usually show off his rides on Instagram but just recently he posted a photo of his blacked-out Maybach posted up next to a private jet. Wouldn’t you love love to be in his shoes for just one day?

P Diddy Maybach P Diddy Maybach 57

Theo Paphitis’ Chrome Maybach 62 S

If you thought Justin Bieber’s Fisker Karma was obnoxious think again because this may top it.

British entrepreneur and star of Dragon’s Den, Theo Paphitis loves his cars. He also has a lot of money and when you put those two things together this is what you get — a chrome Maybach 62 S. Our reader Lawrence took these photos outside the famous Ivy Club in London. He was able to get both Paphitis and Quentin Willson, a famous motoring journalist and former presenter of Top Gear UK to pose for a photo.

This isn’t the only car sitting in Paphitis’ garage, he also has a Mercedes SL63 AMG and a Toyota Land Cruiser (for those days when he feels like being just a little less “in your face”).

Big shout out to Lawrence for keeping his eyes open for us. Great shots!

Theo Paphitis Maybach 62

Theo Paphitis Maybach


Sean Kingston Shows Off Some Sick Rides

Another celebrity posing for Instagram — Sean Kingston recently shared this  photo of himself with a Range Rover, Rolls Royce, and Maybach. Hard to imagine they’re all his when he’s also posted photos of a Bentley Mulsanne and Continental GT too…who knows…either way we’re jealous!

Sean Kingston Cars

Shout out to Caio for the tip!

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