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Kanye and Jay-Z: Maybach Meetup

Cameras caught Jay-Z stepping out of his Maybach to talk to Kanye West in NYC recently.

Jay Z Maybach Kanye West Jay Z Maybach

P. Diddy Models With A Maybach

P.Diddy knows how to travel in style. First, he was Instagraming himself with a blacked-out Maybach and now he’s posing with a silver Maybach. Maybe they’re his, maybe they’re rented — either way they’re badass and so is he!

P Diddy Maybach

Photo Source: iamdiddy Instagram

Nicki Minaj Rollin’ In A Maybach

Nicki Minaj always likes to make an entrance. Whether it’s in her bubblegum pink Bentley Continental or a bright red Lamborghini, you definitely can’t miss her. Just recently, Nicki posted this photo of herself standing next to a Maybach. I’m guessing this is how she rolls to the American Idol set.

Nicki Minaj Maybach

Shout out to Blake for the tip!

P. Diddy Means Business In His Blacked-Out Maybach

P.Diddy doesn’t usually show off his rides on Instagram but just recently he posted a photo of his blacked-out Maybach posted up next to a private jet. Wouldn’t you love love to be in his shoes for just one day?

P Diddy Maybach P Diddy Maybach 57

Theo Paphitis’ Chrome Maybach 62 S

If you thought Justin Bieber’s Fisker Karma was obnoxious think again because this may top it.

British entrepreneur and star of Dragon’s Den, Theo Paphitis loves his cars. He also has a lot of money and when you put those two things together this is what you get — a chrome Maybach 62 S. Our reader Lawrence took these photos outside the famous Ivy Club in London. He was able to get both Paphitis and Quentin Willson, a famous motoring journalist and former presenter of Top Gear UK to pose for a photo.

This isn’t the only car sitting in Paphitis’ garage, he also has a Mercedes SL63 AMG and a Toyota Land Cruiser (for those days when he feels like being just a little less “in your face”).

Big shout out to Lawrence for keeping his eyes open for us. Great shots!

Theo Paphitis Maybach 62

Theo Paphitis Maybach


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