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Three 6 Mafia Shooting Their Music Video at Giovanna Wheels

We all know that rappers love filling their videos with dope cars and for people like me it works... I watch.

Especially where there is a white Ferrari 458, white stretched Maybach, white McLaren, and a white Lamborghini Aventador. My guess is most of the cars used are owned by Diko Sulahain who we've seen on CCB before.

Rihanna Travels Around Europe In A Maybach

Rihanna's been traveling through Europe recently and she's been doing it in style with a Maybach. If you don't have your drivers license or you travel as much as Rihanna does you might as well have someone drive you in a Maybach.

Rihanna Maybach


Rihanna Maybach London


Sean Kingston: Maybach Parking 101

According to this video from TMZ, it appears as though Sean Kingston may have come a little too close to another car when he was trying to get his Maybach out of a parking spot. It's pretty hard to tell from the video but what do you think? Contact or no contact??

Source: TMZ

Did Alex Rodriguez Pick Up A Ferrari?

This photo was recently taken outside Alex Rodriguez's home in Florida and it's hard to tell if he's walking up to the Ferrari with a set of keys or if someone's already in the car. What do you think? Did A-Rod pick up a Ferrari 575 Maranello?

Rumor is that he already has a new blonde in his life so why not pick up a Ferrari while he's at it...

Alex Rodriguez Ferrari

Kris Jenner Hits The Streets Of NYC In A Maybach

First it was Scott and now it's Kris. A few weeks ago we spotted Scott Disick (sorry for even mentioning the name) out in a Maybach and now Kris Kardashian Jenner is in town and riding around in the same Maybach. What would Kris Jenner do if she didn't have money??

Kris Jenner Maybach

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