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How Kanye Rolls

Maybach… enough said!

Kanye West Getting in the back of a Rolls Royce

Charlie Sheen’s Black Friday Special

Charlie Sheen's Black Friday Special

Unless the Maybach dealership was running a BLACK FRIDAY I think Charlie Sheen’s Maybach probably ran him about $500,000. Now in comparison to his previous cars a Maybach is a pretty big step.
Charlie Sheen's Black Friday Special

Kanye in NYC with a Maybach 57s

Kayne West rollin quite in NYC in this white Maybach sporting Cali plates.  Not too shabby!

Kanye West Maybach 57s

Source: X17 Online

Jay-Z Arrives With A Maybach 57s

We’ve seen a lot of the hip-hop mogul recently here in CCB and his customized Jeep Wrangler, and here’s another one of his pimpin’ cars. He was seen arriving at Club 40/40 in his black Maybach 57s after a stadium show with pal Eminem. It’s good to see that genuine talent comes with an exquisite taste—especially in cars. Keep rollin’ in taste, Jay-Z!

Jay-Z's Maybach 57s

Christian Audigier’s Maybach

I guess if you’re Christian Audigier you will drive anything you want!

Christian Audigier’s Maybach

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