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Gwen Stefani Heads To The Studio In A Maserati

Fashion icon, rocker and Hollywood mom Gwen Stefani was spotted looking fly in her Maserati Quattroporte. Her band No Doubt is said to be working on some new material, and everyone seems to be excited.

GwenStefani-Maserati Quattroporte

Barry Diller’s Maserati Gets Stuck in Snowy Central Park

Media mogul Barry Diller found himself and his Maserati in a precarious situation earlier this morning. Barry was driving his Maserati through a very snowy Central Park when he got stuck. Luckily for Barry, Katie Couric was there to save the day…sort of. Actually, we’re not really sure where she’s trying to push the car…maybe they should rethink their P.O.A first?

Barry Diller Maserati

Barry Diller should have called our friend Ray Lyle. He’s the only person we know that can drive a Maserati in the snow!

Source: Gawker

Gwen’s Rear-End Of Her Maserati

All we can say is we like the rear-end of Gwen Stefani’s Maserati. Do you think she knows what she is doing?

Gwen Stefani ass in a Maserati

Britney’s Maserati Gran Turismo

While Britney may buy some cars that make no sense like her BMW drop top, her black Maserati Gran Turismo does make sense and she looks hot in it!

Britney Spears Maserati

Britney Spears Maserati Gran Turismo

Lapo Elkann’s Flat Black Maserati Gran Turismo

Hot off the reader tips we’ve got a picture of Lapo Elkann’s flat-black Maserati Grant Turismo.  Not bad for grandson of one time Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli and a stepson of Russian count Serge de Pahlen.

We really have no idea who he is but man we like his style! For the time being we’ll call him the Ray Lyle of something or somewhere!

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