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Gwen Stefani Steps Out In Her Maserati

Gwen Stefani is all smiles as she steps out of her Maserati. If you could see Gwen in any car what would you want to see her in?

Gwen Stefani Maserati

Tyrese Gibson’s Stylish Lineup

Tyrese Gibson definitely has style and from the looks of this photo his Maserati and Jeep Wrangler do too. After being in two hit movies this year maybe he'll up his car game even more.

Tyrese Gibson Jeep Wrangler Maserati

Gwen Stefani Runs Around With Her Maserati

We like Gwen Stefani, we love her Maserati but we hate this outfit. Is it just us or does she look like she's wearing a picnic blanket? Whatever it is, it shouldn't be next to that Maserati!

Gwen Stefani Maserati


Tyrese Gibson Poses Next To His Maserati

Tyrese Gibson flashed his pearly whites while posing next to his Maserati with an "Obama 08" license plate. Talk about bringing the bumper sticker to a whole new level.

Tyrese Gibson Maserati

Karina Smirnoff Arrives At DWTS In Her Maserati

Professional ballroom dancer and seasoned Dancing With The Stars pro Karina Smirnoff parks her Maserati in the DWTS rehearsal lot before heading into practice. We have to say we like her ride a little better than fellow dancer Lacey Schwimmer's Hello Kitty Smart. Don't you agree?

Karina Smirnoff Maserati

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