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Mario Balotelli’s New Ferrari F12

Mario Balotelli has great taste when it comes to his cars. The 22 year old Milan striker just picked up a new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and was spotted driving it around the streets of Milan earlier this week.

Mario Balotelli Ferrari F12 Mario Balotelli Ferrari

Source: GTSpirit.com

Shout out to Oliver and Ibra for the tips!

Mario Balotelli Goes Shopping In A White Ferrari

Mario Balotelli was spotted loading some shopping bags into a white Ferrari 458 Italia in Italy recently. I know he has a red Ferrari 458 so this may be the same car with a new wrap. Either way, at least it’s not camouflage like his Bentley GT Supersports.

Mario Balotelli Ferrari 458 Mario Balotelli Ferrari

Mario Balotelli’s Matte Black Maserati

Mario Balotelli has crazy taste when it comes to his cars but this Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale is pretty tame in comparison to his camouflaged Bentley. The red handles really cheapen the whole look don’t you think?

Mario Balotelli Maserati

Shout out to Oscar for the photo tip!

Mario Balotelli’s Ferrari 458

Outside of the US soccer players are the top celebrities and based on Mario Balotelli’s vehicle lineup including this Ferrari 458 we’d say that he’s at the top of his game and the top of the celebrity list.

Mario Balotelli Ferrari 458