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Paris Hilton’s LFA Loan, $5603 per month

I was under the impression that Paris Hilton's LFA was a gift but apparently I 'm wrong after a quick review of Paris Hilton's recently leaked credit report.  If you dive into her credit report you will see a $5603 monthly payment to Toyota Motor Co with an open balance just north of $214K.  So the good story here is that I think she has some positive equity in the car despite the fact that she just had her credit report, SSN, and everything else shared with the entire web.  If you want to know more, google is a thing ;)

paris hilton lfa loan



Brad And Angelina In A New Lexus LS F Sport

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were spotted getting into a new Lexus LS 460 F Sport earlier this week. This is the first time we've seen a celebrity with the new LS F Sport model. At first glance it may look like any other Lexus LS but the new enthusiast-oriented LS 460 F Sport features a lowered ride height, Brembo brakes, 386 hp along with many other fancy features that we're sure Brad and Angelina don't even know about or care about since they have more cars than they probably know what to do with.

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Lexus

Malin Akerman Takes Her Lexus To Ikea

Actress and mom-to-be, Malin Akerman was spotted at Ikea with her Lexus RX 450 Hybrid recently.

Malin Akerman Lexus RX

Malin Akerman Lexus

Ben Baller Gets The Ultimate Hookup From Lexus

Ben Baller posted this photo on Instagram of his new Lexus LFA -- sort of. According to his caption, Lexus gave him the $500,000 LFA for his DUB Magazine photo shoot and the second season of his Ben Baller show. We've got no idea how the K-town hustler does it but thumbs up to this!  If there was one thing I would like to understand more than how Ben scored this it would be how Ben had a Enzo in his parking spots back in the day when he first popped on my radar. #myspacewasathing

Ben Baller Lexus LFA

Spotted: Stacy Keibler Driving Her Lexus RX

When you're dating a guy like George Clooney you're so busy flying on private jets, sailing on expensive yachts, and riding motorcycles in the South of France you'd think you wouldn't even need a car but that's not true for Stacey Keibler. Stacy was spotted stepping out of her Lexus RX in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Stacy Keibler Lexus RX

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