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What’s Paris Hilton’s Favorite Car?

Paris Hilton owns her fair share of cars. She also has enough money to buy just about whatever type of car she wants so which one does she enjoy driving the most? Her Lexus LFA. Paris shared a photo of her LFA on Instagram recently with the caption, “One of my favorite reasons to be back in LA. Love driving this baby around! Such a fast, sexy fun car! #LexusLFA”.

paris hilton lexus
Photo (@parishilton)

Spotted: Natalie Portman in a Lexus RX

Natalie Portman was spotted leaving the gym and getting into her Lexus RX recently. We’ve also seen Natalie driving her Toyota Prius and her Mercedes-Benz S-Class but I guess she wanted that soccer mom vibe so she picked up a Lexus RX too.

Photo Source (Zimbio)

Only Paris Hilton Would Match Her Outfit To Her LFA

It wasn’t even by mistake. Paris actually shared a paparazzi photo on her Instagram account with the caption “matched my outfit with my car today”. SMH…

Source (Zimbio)

Gisele Bundchen’s Lexus RX Hybrid

When Gisele Bundchen feels like blending in with the rest of us instead of driving around in a Rolls Royce Ghost, she’s driving her Lexus RX hybrid. Gisele was spotted getting into her Lexus and trying to maneuver her way out of a tight parking spot in Boston earlier this week.

Source (Zimbio)

Busy Philipps Gets a Parking Ticket

Cougar Town actress, Busy Philipps was spotted taking a parking ticket off the windshield of her Lexus RX in Los Angeles the other day.

Source: (Zimbio)

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