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Isla Fisher With Her Lexus

Sweetheart actress Isla Fisher found herself in an awkward situation while trying to get into the backseat of her Lexus SUV the other day. Maybe next time she’ll park a little further away from the concrete wall?

Isla Fisher Lexus

Halle Berry Lookin Hot With Her Lexus RX 400h

Halle Berry was spotted parking her Lexus hybrid on the streets of Hollywood. Has she had this car for a while now or is it just us?

Halle Berry Lexus RX 400h

Sophie Monk’s Lexus Hybrid

Sophie Monk was seen parking her Lexus hybrid on a friend’s lot. If you had the chance to get a green car yourself, would you choose a Prius or this one? I’d choose anything as long as Sophie Monk is in the passenger seat!

Sophie Monk- Lexus CT200h

Source: X17 Online

James Bond Drives A Lexus To Set

Daniel Craig, the Hollywood hunk playing James Bond was spotted hanging out around his Lexus Rx 350 to the set of the new James Bond movie. We all know that the movie character drives some pretty bad ass spy cars, and it’s a surprise that Daniel Craig is just like the rest of us in real life.

Daniel Craig Lexus rx350

Ryan Philippe: Chillin’ In a Lexus

Ryan Philippe was spotted driving around Fred Segal in a Lexus with chrome handles and side mirror. If we were mind readers we’d say he’s saying “life is rough”.

Ryan Philippe lexus es350

Source: X17 Online

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