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Last Weeks Guess Who – Demi Moore

The last “Guess Who” was Demi Moore getting into her Lexus LS hybrid.

Demi Moore Lexus
















Demi Moore

Zachary Quinto Is A Hybrid Kind Of Guy

Zachary Quinto’s strange outfit goes well with his strange looking car. Zachary was spotted getting into his Lexus CT Hybrid recently after leaving a friends house in Hollywood. We’re not huge fans of the look of the CT but at least he’s not driving a Prius. What do you think of the CT?

Zachary Quinto Lexus


Paris Hilton: Don’t Forget Me And My LFA!

Kim Kardashian might have a Ferrari 458 now but Paris Hilton doesn’t want anyone forgetting that she has a Lexus LFA. What’s hotter? Kim in her 458 or Paris in her LFA?

Paris Hilton Lexus LFA

Ryan Phillippe Cruises L.A. In His Lexus

Ryan Phillippe played it cool in his Lexus LS Hybrid after doing some shopping at Fred Segal over the weekend. We think Phillippe needs a G-Wagon. The LS just doesn’t seem tough enough for him. What do you think?

Ryan Phillippe Lexus

Ashton Kutcher: Classy Hybrid Guy

Ashton Kutcher recently stepped out of the Lexus LS Hybrid we saw his wife Demi in not too long ago. Since they’re married and all they probably share it. Between the two of them they sure have their fair share of luxury hybrids to go around!

Ashton Kutcher Lexus LS Hybrid



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