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Lewis Hamilton Buys A LaFerrari

Lewis Hamilton

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Okay, so Lewis is behind the wheel of his AMG-powered Zonda here, but reliable sources can now confirm the fastest man on four wheels has crossed over to the darkside and dabbled with the enemy, clearing a stable for Italy’s finest, the LaFerrari.

Hamilton already owns some extremely desirable cars, including his one-off Pagani Zonda 760 LH, a Mercedes SLS AMG and a Shelby Mustang GT500, but the lure of the scarlet temptress was obviously too much.


Photos (Axion23)

When questioned about the world champion’s new ride, Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff, told German publication, Sport Bild, “Sure, Lewis has had contact with Ferrari. He has just bought a LaFerrari.”

Only 499 of these $2M stallions exist, offered exclusively to collectors with five or more Ferraris. Has Lewis got a secret Ferrari collection? We think it’s likely he purchased through a 3rd party for an astronomical sum yet to be revealed.

Having had the fashion police on his tail for his recent questionable “looks”, it’s about time the F1 star wrapped himself in something stylish.

Lewis Hamilton’s Classic Shelby GT500

Move over Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton has a muscle car too, and it’s a beast. Hamilton shared a photo on Instagram of himself (and his dog) standing next to his Mustang Shelby GT500 in Venice Beach last weekend. Hamilton may own his fair share of AMG’s but it looks like Eleanor has a special place in his heart too.

Lewis Hamilton Mustang GT500

Photo Source (@lewishamilton)

Lewis Hamilton Takes His Pagani for a Spin

Lewis Hamilton’s a busy guy but this weekend he was able to spend some time at home in Monaco which means he had some time to take his one-off Pagani Zonda 760LH out for a drive and he shared photos of his day on Instagram. The custom Zonda 760LH was designed especially for Hamilton a couple years ago. Check out this video of Hamilton driving the car through the streets of Monaco when he first picked it up.

Lewis Hamilton Pagani

Lewis Hamilton Pagani Zonda
Photos (@lewishamilton)

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Lewis Hamilton’s New Mercedes SLS Black Series

Being a race car driver for the Mercedes AMG team certainly has its perks. Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton showed off the latest addition to his personal car collection on Instagram by posing with his new Mercedes Benz SLS Black Series. Of course he couldn’t leave out his “old Benz” either so his white Mercedes SL Black Series was also in the shot.

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Benz
Source (@lewishamilton)
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Video: Lewis Hamilton In His One-Off Pagani 760 LH

F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton was spotted driving his Pagani 760 LH for the first time through the streets of Monaco last weekend. Hamilton’s Pagani was inspired by the Zonda 760 RS and features unique bodywork including a massive rear wing, rear tailfin, a dark purple paint job and not to mention a whopping 760hp. I guess since Formula One was in town and Hamilton lives in Monaco he figured it was the perfect time to take her out for a spin.

Check out the video below.

Lewis Hamilton Pagani

Video Source: YouTube / Photo Source: Facebook Picture by Armand L. & Maxime C.

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