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Whoa, Check Out That La Ferrari… Ignore That It’s Lewis Hamilton and Bieber In It

According to YouTube user Effspot, he believes that Justin Bieber was out with Hamilton last night in his La Ferrari. Unfortunately there is no real evidence in the video that Bieber was with Hamilton but you can see Bieber’s customized 458 in the parking garage where the La Ferrari is parked at the end of the night.

Being that we are making assumptions, I’m going to also guess that DJ Khaled was in there too since there was a Rolls in the garage and DJ Khaled drives a Wraith 🙂

Source: Effspot on Youtube

Lewis Goes Ham on Dunes

After damaging his beloved Pagani Zonda in Monaco, Lewis Hamilton has taken the safer option of going off road where there are no parked cars around.

The recently crowned 2015 F1 champion blew off some steam recently by hitting the desert in a Polaris dune buggy.
Lewis Hamilton | Polaris

Photo (lewishamilton)


Lewis Hamilton Crashes his Custom Pagani Zonda 760LH in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton crashed his Pagani Zonda 760LH in Monaco earlier this week. Hamilton broke the news about the accident on his Instagram account saying that the car was obviously damaged and he made very light contact with a stationary vehicle but luckily nobody was hurt. Could you imagine crashing a one-off custom Pagani Zonda 760LH?! Ouch.

Dear TeamLH, just wanted to let you know why things have been quiet on social media the past few days. I’ve not been well with a fever but I also had a road accident in Monaco on Monday night. Whilst ultimately, it is nobody’s business, there are people knowing my position that will try to take advantage of the situation and make a quick buck. NO problem. Nobody was hurt, which is the most important thing. But the car was obviously damaged and I made very light contact with a stationary vehicle. Talking with the team and my doctor, we decided together that it was best for me to rest at home and leave a day later. But i am feeling better and am currently boarding the plane to Brazil. However, I am informing you because I feel we all must take responsibility for our actions. Mistakes happen to us all but what’s important is that we learn from them and grow. Can’t wait for the weekend Brazil?? Bless Lewis

A photo posted by Lewis Hamilton (@lewishamilton) on

Here’s Hamilton with his Pagani in Monaco earlier this year:
Lewis Hamilton - Pagini Zonda 760 LH

Lewis Hamilton Collaborates With MV Agusta

Lewis Hamilton has somehow managed to fit bike designing into his busy F1 schedule. The two-time world champion teased fans on his Instagram with: “I’m excited to share some big news with you soon guys, keep an eye on @mvagustamotor for updates! #LH44 #MVAgusta #Dragster #ComingSoon”, and “Guys, I collaborated with @mvagustamotor to release a bike!! Check out the link in my bio. #Motorcycle #motorcycling #moto #biker #supermoto #motolife #motochat”.

Moments later, MV Agusta took to their Instagram page and revealed the collaboration with a short video and explanation: “It’s time to open the secret box: we collaborated with @lewishamilton to release a bike! Head to our FB page to watch the teaser. #LH44 #MVAgusta #dragster #comingsoon”.

As Lewis has pretty much sewn up the 2015 championship and it will take a miracle for him to lose it with three races to go, perhaps he’ll spend some more time designing other machines?

Lewis Hamilton | MV Agusta Bike

Photo (lewishamilton)

Lewis Hamilton | MV Agusta Bike

Photo (lewishamilton)

Source (MV Agusta Motor)

Lewis Hamilton Takes Delivery of the new Mercedes-Maybach S600

Lewis Hamilton may or may not be serious when it comes to the Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6 but he’s definitely serious when it comes to the new Mercedes-Maybach. Hamilton just took delivery of his new white S600 and shared a photo of it on Instagram to prove it. Definitely a nice little addition to his collection!

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Maybach S600


Photo (@lewishamilton)