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Reese Witherspoon Goes Black On Black, On Black, On Black…

Reese Witherspoon stepped out of her new black Land Rover LR4 dressed to match in all black recently. What do you think of the LR4? Do you like it more than the Rover?

Reese Witherspoon Land Rover LR4

Ben Affleck’s Dog Hauler

We've seen Ben Affleck out in his Land Rover LR4 a number of times before but until now I had no idea this was his dog hauler.  Makes sense as the LR4 has tons of room for dog in the back if you aren't using the extra 2 seats of the 3rd row.

Ben Affleck land Rover LR4

Ben Affleck: Dad Duty In The Land Rover

Ben Affleck can't catch a break when it comes to parking tickets. Affleck was spotted picking up his kids in their new Land Rover LR4 and finding a ticket on the windshield before getting into the drivers seat.

Ben Affleck Land Rover

What’s Reese Witherspoon Valeting Now?

A new Land Rover LR4! Reese Witherspoon was spotted dropping off her new Land Rover LR4 at a valet in Hollywood this week. We actually really like the new LR4. Do you think we'll start to see more celebrities in LR4's now or do you think the Range Rover will always be the SUV of choice?

Reese Witherspoon Land Rover LR4

Queen Elizabeth Actually Drives – And She’s Got Style

She might be getting up there in age and she may barely be able to see over the wheel but that doesn't mean the Queen can't take a spin around town! We weren't even sure she drove herself but thanks to the photos below we have proof now. Queen Elizabeth was spotted behind the wheel of a Jaguar, a Range Rover and saving the best for last -- a Land Rover Defender 90! The Queen's got style.

Queen Elizabeth Jaguar

Queen Elizabeth Range Rover

queen elizabeth driving

Thanks to Kylin and George for the photo tips!

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