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Ben Baller Buys a New Lamborghini Aventador

Sometime last month, Ben Baller woke up and decided to buy a new Lamborghini Aventador. Usually Ben Baller likes to fly under the radar with his black Rolls Royce, or his grey Ferrari 458 Italia but according to Ben, orange is the new black and I have to say it looks pretty good on the Aventador. What do you think?

Ben Baller Lamborghini Aventador

Source (@benballer)

Alicia Keys Gets Behind The Wheel of the Aventador

Move over Swizz! Alicia's behind the wheel now.  Swizz Beatz shared a photo of his wife, sitting behind the wheel of his new Lamborghini Aventador recently. Alicia's no stranger to nice cars, she has her Fisker Karma and her Lotus Evora GTE also.

Alicia Keys Lamborghini

Source (@therealswizzz)

Swizz Beatz Hits The Snowy Roads In an Aventador

Snowy roads, check. White Lamborghini Aventador, check.

Earlier this year, Swizz Beatz (the new co-owner of Monster) announced a partnership with Lamborghini so seeing Swizz driving around in a new Lamborghini Aventador doesn't surprise me, especially since he loves nice cars. Just last week, he shared a couple photos of a white Aventador sitting pretty on the snowy streets of NYC.

Swizz Beatz Aventador Swizz Beatz Lamborghini Aventador

Source (@therealswizzz)

Afrojack Puts His Aventador Up For Sale

I guess the Aventador was just too much for DJ Afrojack. Less than a year after buying the matte black Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, it's sitting on a sales floor with a price tag of 385,000 Euro (roughly 525,000 USD).  Maybe he's just loving his new Audi RS6 too much now.

Afrojack Lamborghini Aventador

Source (autoblog.nl)

Shout out to Guillaume for the tip!

The Bieber Lambo is Back in The Hands of Lou La Vie

By now you know that Bieber was involved in an arrest in Miami Beach last night which involved a rented Lamborghini Gallardo and a Ferrari 16M Scuderia. If not, you can read about it here.

But forget about that, you probably want to know about the cars. Well, it turns out the cars were rented from Lou La Vie. Lou La Vie is an exotic rental car group in Miami with an amazing fleet of cars.

Justin-Bieber- Lamborghini


The one that tipped the scales!
justin bieber lamborghini gallardo

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