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Chris Brown is the Proud New Owner of the Lamborghini Aventador SV

Chris Brown's Lamborghini Aventador wasn't cutting it so he went out and picked up the "big boy" Lamborghini Aventador SV instead. The car is red for now but something tells me it won't be that way for long judging by his style.

Chris Brown Lamborghini
Photo (@chrisbrownofficial)
Shout out to Ken for the tip!

I Think Romeo’s Favorite Color Is White

If you follow Romeo's Instagram feed, you'll know he isn't exactly camera shy - after all, one of the many pies he's had his fingers in is modelling. The rapper also loves his cars, hence his stage name, Maserati Rome.

How do those sayings go? "Maserati by name, Maserati by nature", or something like that...

Check out his other white rides below and just listen to that Lambo's V10.

Romeo|Maserati Ghibli

Photos (romeomiller)

Romeo |Maserati Ghibli

Photos (romeomiller)

Romeo | Rolls Royce Phantom

Photos (romeomiller)

Romeo | Lamborghini Huracan

Photos (romeomiller)

Romeo | Car Collection

Photos (romeomiller)

F*** Up Some Commas ?

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Chanel West Coast Shooting With a Lamborghini LM002

I have no idea what video Chanel West Coast is filming or if she is just posing for a photoshoot but I love that she has a Lamborghini LM002 in the shoot with her. Most of her fans are going to have no idea what the LM002 is but for anyone that has seen one or knows what it is, it's gotta put a smile on your face!

Chanel West Coast Posing with Lamborghini LM002

Chanel West Coast Lamborghini LM002

Source: Instagram

Chris Brown’s Baby Girl Has Matching Whips!

Chris Brown's daughters matching cars

I haven't been this happy in a minute. #GLAD2BEHERDAD

A video posted by @chrisbrownofficial on

Chris Brown got his baby girl matching Big Wheels so she can look just cool as her dad and keep up with the rest of the Hollywood toddlers these days!

Mason Disick also has a pretty sweet lineup already:

Mason Disick Cars

And his cousin, little North West is already rollin' an Aventador like her dad:

Kanye West North West Lamborghini

They start 'em young in Hollywood!

Ben Baller “My President is Black, My Lambo is Too”

Ben Baller caught a pretty sick pic of his 50th anniversary Lamborghini Aventador outside Dodger Stadium last week. Looks like he's added some new gold rims to the car since we first saw it too.

Ben Baller Lamborghini
Photo (@benballer)

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