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Chris Brown Ruins Another Lamborghini

Leave it to Chris Brown to take a beautiful Lamborghini Aventador and turn it into something like this. What’s sad is that this really isn’t the first time — his Lamborghini Gallardo has been through its fair share of crazy paint jobs too.

Chris Brown Lamborghini Aventador

What’s The Game Doing With An Aventador?

So now The Game has a Lamborghini Aventador? I doubt it. He posted a few pictures on his Instagram of this matte black Aventador just a few days ago. Are you buying it?

The Game Lamborghini Aventador

Shout out to Nsod for the tip

Top 10 Cars You’ll See Celebrities Driving in 2013

Range Rover Sport Daniel Craig

Celebrities are well known for their lavish lifestyle and exuberant purchases – I mean when you have an almost ‘unlimited’ supply of cash flow any expensive purchase doesn’t really hurt your pockets or bank account.

We decided to take a look at the top 10 new cars that we think celebrities would dig deep in their pockets for to park in their driveway and show off on the next episode of MTV Cribs. Continue Reading

Kevin Conway’s Badass Lineup

Looks like professional race car driver, Kevin Conway feels some serious need for speed off the track too. He recently posted a photo of his blacked out Ford Raptor and matching blacked out Lamborghini Murcielago. I like his style! What do you think?

Kevin Conway Cars

Kanye’s Aventador Goes In For A Little TLC

Looks like Kanye’s Aventador will be spending the long holiday weekend getting those scratches fixed at the Platinum Motorsport shop.

Kanye West Lamborghini Aventador

Source: rgb_Platinum Instagram

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