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Kylie Jenner’s Range Rover Debuts it’s New Look…

..and it looks exactly like we thought it would. Just like her G-Wagon – and many other Kardashian/Jenner rides – Kylie’s new Range Rover is matte black.

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Kylie Jenner Picks up a new Range Rover

Kylie Jenner’s only been behind the wheel of her G-Wagon for about a year now and in true Jenner/Kardashian fashion, she’s already adding to her car collection with a Range Rover. Kylie shared a photo of her new Range Rover on Instagram earlier this week when she dropped it off at the shop for some custom work. What do you think she’s having done?

Kylie Jenner Range Rover
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Kylie Jenner Thinks She’s Fancy With The Top Down

Kylie Jenner took a Bentley Continental out for a spin with the top down and shared a photo of it on Instagram. At first glance I thought it must be Kris’ Bentley but Kris’ Bentley has black interior so who knows who’s car this is. Like we always say when it comes to the Kardashians, it’s hard to keep up. Especially when it comes to their cars. Either way, it must be nice to be just sixteen years old and have the option to take a Bentley out for the day when you just don’t feel like driving your other really nice car


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Can You Name Who Drives What?

While Kylie me just be playing around like a young teenager, we appreciate the nice glimpse she provides us into the Kardashian/Jenner lineup and we thought it would be fun to see if you could figure out who drives each one.

1. Rolls Royce Ghost
2. Rolls Royce Ghost
3. Range Rover HSE
4. Range Rover Sport
5. White G-Wagon
6. Matte Black G-Wagon

Can you name who drives which on?

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Kylie Jenner’s Backup G-Wagon

Just one day after crashing her matte black G-Wagon, Kylie Jenner’s already back on the road and in a different G-Wagon. It’s not Kris’, it’s not Khloe’s, so who’s is it? Maybe just a loaner but either way it sure didn’t take long!

Kylie Jenner G Wagon

(Photo: Daily Mail)

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