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Kristin Cavallari Loves Parking Tickets

It seems like The Hills star and O.C. party girl Kristin Cavallari can’t get enough of parking her BMW 3 Series Coupe on the same spot for too long. She is again seen gathering another addition to her shrine of parking illiteracy to which, she probably never shows up to pay for.

I sure hope her manager is taking care of all these and trust me, I’m sure her manager understands the ROI on a ticket and some PR 😉 Now if she would just get a hot car!

kristin cavallari getting a parking ticket

Reality Stars get Tickets too!

Oh no, It looks like Kristin Cavallari left her BMW 3 series hardtop convertible parked in the same spot for a bit too long. Here she plucks a ticket from the windshield after leaving the salon.

Kristin Cavallari's BMW 3 Series

Kristin Cavallari Rolls a BMW 3 Series Coupe

Well little Miss Kristin Cavallari has been able to keep herself out the media lately but that doesn’t stop her from hopping in her BMW 3 Series Coupe while out shopping in Los Angeles. While this car isn’t anything special especially for a OC bread teen in Southern California, I do want to point out the neglect to the front bumper, just as I would expect! Kristen, take it easy on those driveways.

Kristin Cavallari's BMW 3 Series Coupe