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Kid Rock’s 1975 Cadillac

Kid Rock is still alive and rockin! With over 25 million albums sold, it’s only fair he treats himself to something special. Staying true to his American bad-ass roots, he decided give his ’75 Caddy a complete makeover from West Coast Customs opting for a flashy yet classy black and gold color scheme. We think it fits Kid Rock perfectly!

Kid Rock 1975 Cadillac


Source (@westcoastcustoms)

Kid Rock’s 40th Birthday Bash at Ford Field in Detroit

Last night was a big night in Detroit. Kid Rock through down a huge birthday bash to celebrate his 40th birthday. Kid Rock as you know is a huge car nut and loves his American cars.

From Celebrity Cars Blog, Happy Birthday!

A birthday wish from us may be cool but not as cool as the Custom Camaro that Chevrolet gave Kid Rock!

kid rock Custom Camaro

Kid Rock’s Favorite Car

I just got done watching the latest Top Gear and I was very impressed with Kid Rock. I knew he that he’s a car guy but I was really impressed with him and best of all I love his take on the automotive industry. Despite my love for German cars I still feel strong about American cars and love his opinion on Cadillacs.

So about his favorite car, apparently his favorite car is a 64 Bonneville that he recently bought from an RM Auction. You can see it here in one of his recent music videos. Look for it at about 1:17.

What do you think about it?