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Kevin Jonas Catches The “Go Green Bug”

We spotted Kevin Jonas driving his brother’s Fisker Karma last month but now it looks like he’s picked up a Karma for his own garage. Kevin posted this photo on Instagram with the caption “New fisker #gogreen #gofast”.

Kevin Jonas Fisker Karma

Shout out to Jake for the tip!

The Jonas Brothers Cruise Around In A Fisker

We’ve spotted Joe Jonas driving around in this Fisker Karma before but this week, he let his brother Kevin get behing the wheel. I guess when you have a lot of money, letting someone else drive your 100,000 dollar isn’t a big deal.

Joe Joans Kevin Jonas Fisker

Kevin Jonas Fisker Karma


Kevin Jonas’ Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

Kevin Jonas was recently spotted walking back to a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. We might not be big fans of the Jonas Brothers but we sure like their style when it comes to their cars.

Kevin Jonas Mercedes Benz G Wagon