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Kendra Wilkinson Picks Up a New SUV

For years now, Kendra Wilkinson’s been driving around in the same white GMC Yukon but it looks like she’s finally upped her game. Kendra was spotted getting out of her new black Range Rover in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Photo (Zimbio)

Kendra Wilkinson Crashes Her Audi S7

Kendra Wilkinson was involved in a pretty nasty crash with her blacked-out Audi S7 this past weekend. Luckily, Kendra was OK and managed to walk away without breaking anything — except for her Audi of course. Too bad I never spotted her with the Audi before she wrecked it because it looks like it was pretty sweet.

Kendra Wilkinson Audi S7 Crash

Kendra Wilkinson Audi

Photo Source: EOnline/TMZ

Shout out to Awais for the tip!

Kendra’s GMC Yukon

Ex-Playboy Playmate and reality show star Kendra Wilkinson was spotted in San Diego driving a white GMC Yukon. Do you think she’ll look better in a different car? After all, she’s on her way to become a soccer mom.

Kendra Wilkinson off her GMC Yukon

Kendra & Hank Sportin the Rover HSE

I must admit that I watched the first episode of Kendra’s new show and they are not all that exciting of a couple. By far the coolest part of the show was that Too Short stopped by her party but besides that it appears that Hank Baskett pilots a Range Rover while Kendra pushes the Lexus IS.

Kendra & Hank Sportin the Range Rover HSE

Kendra’s Escalade Gets Jacked – Hef Comes to the Rescue

Apparently you still need to worry about your ride being jacked when golfing at uppity golf resorts in West LA.  While out golfing with friends, Kendra’s Escalade was swiped, striped and left for rest some where in South Central LA.  So what did she have to say, “Well, might as well get something new now!”

Kendra Wilkinson's Escalade Jacked

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