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Video: Kanye’s Aventador Gets Crunched

This hasn’t been the best month for Kanye. First he smacks his forehead on a sign while walking down the street and now his Lamborghini Aventador gets hit by the automatic gate at Kim’s house. The worst part is, Kanye wasn’t even the one driving it. The car was being delivered back to Kim’s house while Kanye was out of town. Sucks to be THAT guy.

Kanye West Lamborghini Aventador

Photo/Video Source: TMZ

Kanye and Jay-Z: Maybach Meetup

Cameras caught Jay-Z stepping out of his Maybach to talk to Kanye West in NYC recently.

Jay Z Maybach Kanye West Jay Z Maybach

When Kim’s Away, Kanye Will Play

Kanye was spotted driving solo in Kim’s new G63 over the weekend. As usual, Kim’s traveling around doing whatever it is she does so it looks like Kanye’s on car sitting duties. Not a bad gig when you’ve got cars like Kim!

Kanye West G Wagon

Shout out to dylan08 for the tip!

Pump Your Breaks And Drive Slow? Not In Kim’s New G63

According to E! Online Kanye West was pulled over by cops after leaving the Chateau Marmont in Kim’s Mercedes-Benz G63 recently. Kanye was also spotted driving Kim around in her G-Wagon over the holidays (photo below).

Kanye West Mercedes G Wagon

Shout out to Collin for the tip!

Source: E! Online

Who’s Aventador Is This

Rob Kardashian posted a little pic on Instagram yesterday saying he’d picked up a little Christmas present for himself.  We blew it off thinking it was probably Kanye’s Aventador (present from Kim) but a tipster pointed out today that this car doesn’t have yellow calipers which means it’s likely not Kanye’s.

Did Rob Kardashian really drop $450K+ on a Aventador?

Rob Kardashian Lamborghini Aventador

For comparison…

Kanye Lamborghini Abventador