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For Sale: Katie Price’s Range Rover

Months ago, Katie Price made an attempt to sell her bubble gum pink Range Rover herself via Twitter. From the looks of it, Katie was unsuccessful selling the car herself because a dealer in the UK has it listed on AutoTrader now. You’d have to be a serious Katie Price wanna be to buy this Range Rover.

Katie Price Rover

Katie Price Range Rover
Source: (AutoTrader)
Shout out to Steven for the tip!

Is This How Celebrities Sell Their Cars Now?

Move over eBay. Twitter may be the next best thing when it comes to selling your car — or at least that’s what Katie Price thinks. Katie, who we know best for her Range Rover, seems to be bored with the obnoxiously loud bubblegum pink ride. She tweeted to her followers a few hours ago asking if anyone was interested in buying the Rover because she wants to get a new car. Tweeting about it definitely got my attention so maybe Twitter really is the next best thing for celebrities looking to sell their rides.

Who knows what she’ll end up with next. Whatever it is I’m hoping it doesn’t involve pink, but that’s just wishful thinking considering everything Kate Price owns seems to be pink.

Would any of you buy Katie’s pink Rover? If not, what celebrity ride would you buy if it was for sale?

katie price range rover

Katie Price Brings Her Pink Range Rover Out

Katie Price was spotted driving her bubblegum pink Range Rover in London earlier this week.

What’s more tacky? Her outfit or the car?

Katie Price Range Rover

Katie Price Pink Range Rover

Katie Price Makes A Statement In Her Rover

Katie Price was recently spotted getting out of her bright pink Range Rover. Hopefully she doesn’t actually wear those glasses while she’s driving her Rover.

Katie Price Range Rover

Katie Price – Night Out In The Rover

Katie Price and her friends headed out to an event in her obnoxiously pink Range Rover recently. Hopefully when her Bugatti is done being “pinkified” she’ll keep it cleaner than this…

Katie Price Range Rover