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Katie Holmes In A Boring Lexus

When I think of Katie Holmes I don’t exactly think of anything edgy or exciting, so I can’t say I’m surprised to see her in a Lexus RX hybrid. Katie was out grocery shopping and was spotted in the last generation RX in an even more boring and bland gray color. It’s kind of your stereotypical quiet Hollywood mom mobile and it seems like that’s exactly what Katie aims to be. Hopefully she at least decides to upgrade to latest generation RX since Lexus has done a nice job of pushing the aesthetic boundaries as of late.

Katie Holmes RX

Source: Zimbio

Katie Holmes Takes A Ride In The Backseat

No one knows the backseat of a S-Class better than Katie Holmes. Katie was spotted getting out of this Mercedes-Benz while traveling to who knows where this time. She should really just get one for herself don’t you think?

Katie Holmes Mercedes Benz S Class

Katie Holmes: Confused Over Mini Coopers?

Just recently we saw Katie Holmes parking a silver Mini Cooper so we figured that was her new ride but just this week we found her on the streets in a different Mini. A black one this time. Maybe she picked up two?

Katie Holmes Mini Cooper

Katie Holmes Mini Cooper


Source: X17 Online

Looks Like Katie Holmes Has A New Little Ride

Katie Holmes fed the meter after she parked a silver Mini Cooper recently. We rarely see her drive anything other than her Mercedes CLK convertible so spotting her in a Mini Cooper is a surprise and kind of a let down only because we always hoped that if we saw her behind the wheel of something else it would be better than the CLK.

Katie Holmes Mini Cooper

Katie Holmes Mini Cooper


Source: X17 Online

Tom And Katie Go For A Cruise

Katie runs around in her Mercedes pretty often but in this photo Katie was actually spotted with Tom in the passenger seat. Is it just us or does Tom Cruise rarely ever drive himself?

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Mercedes Benz CLK