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Justin Bieber’s Animal Print Audi R8

Just when I thought Justin Bieber’s chrome Fisker Karma was about as tacky as it could get, he wraps an Audi R8 in animal print. The paparazzi snapped some photos of Bieber’s Ferrari 458 Italia, Range Rover and a the new Audi R8 in his Calabasas driveway over the weekend.

Justin Bieber Audi R8

Photo Source: Daily Mail

Bieber Rolls To Dinner In A Lamborghini Aventador

The Biebs was spotted rolling to dinner in Beverly Hills this weekend with a white Lamborghini Aventador. Go ahead and place your bets on how long until we’re doing a story on him being pulled over in this one. What do you think of the black wheels with painted white lips?

Justin Bieber Lamborghini Aventador

Shout out to Chris for the tip!

Justin Bieber Driving His White on White Ferrari 458

Earlier this week we shared a photo of Justin’s blacked out Sprinter and a white Ferrai 458. Justin was actually driving the Ferrari later that day and pulled over too (shocking). Either way, we just spotted Justin behind the wheel of the white Ferrari 458 while leaving a Taco Bell with his Sprinter close behind. Hey, when your girlfriend dumps you, get a Ferrari. Right?

Justin Bieber Ferrari 458

Justin Bieber Ferrari

Justin Bieber’s T-Rex Sells On eBay

Looks like Rob Dyrdek’s 2007 Campagna T-Rex 14R that he gifted to Justin Bieber back in 2011 really gets around! The T-Rex was sold through a charity auction recently and the guy that bought it has already turned it around. It was listed on eBay and sold for $35,000.

Prior to Dyrdek gifting the T-Rex to Beiber, Dyrdek had the T-Rex vinyl wrapped in purple with logo “JB” and quote “Make Your Own Luck” on the body. Now some teenage girl probably has it sitting in her dads garage…

Justin Bieber T-Rex

Justin Bieber T-Rex

Justin Bieber Pops Wheelies

Justin Bieber showed off his dirt bike wheelie skills with this photo he posted on Instagram last week.

Justin Bieber Motorcycle